Andrew Hykes Ownership of the former Broband\Yinger\Fetrow Family Farm


Andrew Hykes acquired the former Broband\Yinger\Fetrow family farm from William G. Fetrow on August 10, 1917.  The purchase price stated in the deed was $5,500 dollars.  The size of the property was specified in the deed as 144 acres and 7 perches.


On March 17, 1920 Andrew Hykes and his wife Mary Jane Hykes sold this same property to William D. Bamberger for $7,000 according to a deed I obtained from the York County recorder of deeds.  The deed is recorded in Book 24U pages 91-92.  A transcript of the deed is included on a separate page of this “family farm” section of the web site.  Andrew B. Hykes to William D. Bamberger, 1920 Land Deed.


The metes and bounds description in this deed is exactly the same as in the August 10, 1917 deed when Andrew Hykes acquired the property from William G. Fetrow.  This illustrates that no modifications, subdivisions or other alterations to the land were made during the less than three year period of ownership by Andrew Hykes.  Here is the plotted property depiction based on the deed transferring ownership from Andrew Hykes to William D. Bamberger on March 17, 1920:



Andrew Hykes ownership of the 144 acre former Broband\Yinger\Fetrow family farm was brief and uneventful in so far as changes to the property are concerned.  There weren’t any.  However, the next owner, William Bamberger, would hold the property for a much longer period of time and make several modifications to the property before transferring it to the next owner.



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