The Broband Family Tree:

The Broband family had the closest connection to Johann Paul JŁngerís family of all the connected families included in this section of the web site.  This is because Jacob and Anna Broband had two daughters who married two sons of Paul JŁnger\Yinger.  Their eldest daughter Sophronia married Paulís oldest son George Yinger.  The Brobandís third of six daughters, Magdalena, married Paulís second son Anthony Yinger.

Furthermore, the 140 acre farm owned by Jacob and Anna Broband in Newberry Township of York County, Pennsylvania was acquired by George and Sophronia (Broband) Yinger from Jacob Brobandís estate in 1788.  This farm stayed in the hands of descendants of the Yingers for many generations.  Details about this important Yinger family heritage site are covered in another section of this web site.  The Family Farm.

Much of what I have discovered about the interrelationship between the Broband family and the Yinger family of York County, Pennsylvania comes from details revealed in the estate file of Jacob Broband who died an untimely death in 1777.  The details of Jacob Brobandís estate file are included in another section of this web site.  Jacob Broband 1777-1785 Estate Documents.

Jacob Broband and his wife Anna had 6 daughters and no sons according to Jacobís estate file.  The youngest daughter, Catherine, was an infant when her father Jacob died.  Later in adulthood she married Joseph Fetrow Jr.  Joseph was a brother to John Fetrow Sr. and David Fetrow. 

John Fetrow Sr. married Nancy (Ann) Yinger the only child of George and Sophronia (Broband) Yinger.  David Fetrow married Mary Yinger who was one of the daughters of Anthony and Magdalena (Broband) Yinger.  Obviously close relationships and intermarriage existed among the Brobands, the Yingers, and the Fetrows of Newberry Township, York County, Pennsylvania beginning in the late 1700ís. 

The family tree for Jacob and Ann Broband which traces these and other interrelationships with the Yingers and Fetrows can be viewed by following the link below to another page in this section of the web site:

Broband Family Tree




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