The Fetrow Family Tree:

The Fetrow family became closely associated with the Yingers of York County, Pennsylvania through intermarriage.  An extended discussion of the history of the Fetrow family is presented in the Family Farm section of this web site.  Fetrow Family Biographies.

The original Germanic immigrant patriarch of this family was Johann Philip Fedrow.  He was born on May 12, 1719 somewhere in Germany and died on March 7, 1791 in Newberry Township of York County according to genealogies I have seen in the various sources I have consulted.  He married another native Germanic immigrant named Ann Mary Bose or Anna Marie Bose who was born in 1732 somewhere in the Rhineland of Germanic Europe.

The third child born to Johann Philip Fedrow and Anna Marie Bose was Joseph Fetrow.  According to the various sources I have researched he is believed to have been born October 10, 1759 in Newberry Township and died on May 18, 1818 in the village of Lewisberry in Newberry Township.  His wife was Catherine Fischer.  She was the second born child of Gottlieb and Ursula (Hoffstodt) Fischer.  Her birth date is not certain but she died on July 14, 1831.  Joseph and Catherine (Fischer) Fetrow had the following children according to the family tree information I have seen in the consulted sources:

1.     Joseph Fetrow Jr. born May 11, 1780

2.     Elizabeth Fetrow born March 7, 1781

3.     John Fetrow born November 1, 1782

4.     David Fetrow born in 1783

5.     Susanna Fetrow born November 28, 1784

6.     Martin Fetrow born in 1786

7.     Abram Fetrow born December 23, 1789

8.     Emanuel Fetrow born about 1790

9.     Catharine Fetrow born April 23, 1794

10.   Samuel Fetrow born in 1795

11.   Daniel Fetrow born December 26, 1798

12.   Esther Fetrow born in 1801

The third born child of this couple is the John Fetrow Sr. who married Nancy (Ann) Yinger the only child of George Yinger and Sophronia (Broband) Yinger.  Through his marriage to Nancy Yinger, the Fetrow family became owners of the former Broband\Yinger family farm. 

The fourth born son of Joseph and Catharine (Fischer) Fetrow, David Fetrow married Mary Yinger who was a daughter of Anthony Yinger and Magdelena (Broband) Yinger.  Two Brothers, John and David Fetrow married two cousins, Nancy and Mary Yinger.

The first born son of this couple, Joseph Fetrow Jr. married Catherine Broband the youngest of six daughters of Jacob and Anna Broband.  She was a sister to Sophronia and Magdalena Broband who married George Yinger and Anthony Yinger respectively. They were the first and second born sons of Johann Paul Jünger\Yinger the Germanic immigrant patriarch of the Yingers of York County, Pennsylvania.

The family tree for the Fetrow family of Newberry Township which traces these and other interrelationships with the Yingers and Brobands can be viewed by following the link below to another page in this section of the web site:

Fetrow Family Tree



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