Sameul P. Bates, Introduction and Summary

History of Pennsylvania Volunteers 1864-1865

By far the most important source I used to compile Yinger family Civil War participation was the History of Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-65 by Samuel Bates. This comprehensive work was commissioned just after the Civil War ended by the Pennsylvania Legislature. They sought to preserve a record of service by her many brave sons who participated in various regiments and other military units under the jurisdiction of the State of Pennsylvania. Bates completed this monumental publication between 1869 and 1871.

Batesí epic efforts produced a five volume record of over 1300 pages per volume of every regiment of Pennsylvania soldiers in the Civil War. The volumes are arranged in numerical order by regiment. Generally speaking the lower the regiment number, the earlier in the war that regiment was organized and began its service. For each regiment a history of its activities during the war are summarized. Also for each regiment, muster rolls are presented listing all members of each regiment generally subdivided by company.

I was fortunate to find the contents of this essential work on Pennsylvania soldiers in the Civil War on the internet as part of the University of Michigan Library online system.  The following link takes you to a page which causes the results of a search for the name Yinger within the online collections of the University of Michiganís library system to be displayed.  Yinger appearances within Samuel Batesí History of Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-5 are included within those search results.  http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/moa/

Transcripts of the regimental histories for regiments Yinger family members served in are included within this Civil War section of the web site. Also included are transcripts of muster roll rosters for the companies within regiments where Yinger family members were listed. Those transcript web pages can be viewed by following the links provided within the web pages that cover each Yinger family memberís service in the American Civil War or by following the links provided below. Yinger family member Civil War service pages can be accessed by following the link at the bottom of this Introduction and Summary section as well.

Generally speaking companies within regiments were comprised of soldiers from the same county or even township within a county. This approach was followed when companies and regiments were being formed to promote camaraderie among the troops by placing them in companies with neighbors and friends from civilian life that they knew. The practical result of this approach meant that troops fought more passionately in battle because they did not want to let their friends and neighbors down when they were fighting shoulder to shoulder.

A transcript of the preface to Samuel Batesí History of Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-5 is included in this section of the web site and it should be read to get an overview of the project before reading the various transcripts of regiment history and company muster rolls. The link for that preface transcript is included at the bottom of this Introduction and Summary.

Yinger Family Civil War Participation

Preface-History of PA Volunteers

Sanno's Ind. Cavalry

16th Regiment, PA Volunteers

23rd Regiment, PA Volunteers

82nd Regiment, PA Volunteers

130th Regiment, PA Volunteers

166th Regiment, PA Volunteers

192nd Regiment, PA Volunteers

195th Regiment, PA Volunteers

200th Regiment, PA Volunteers



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