John Fetrow III. and Sarah (Prowell) Fetrow’s Ownership


John Fetrow III was born on July 28, 1843 according to the biographical sketch presented previously in Prowell’s “History of York County” which was published in 1907 at which time John Fetrow III and his wife Sarah (Prowell) Fetrow were still living.  In the 1910 census which is excerpted below they are listed in Fairview Township as having been married 43 years which places their marriage year at about 1866-1867.  The assertion in Prowell’s “History of York County” that they were married in 1886 is clearly in error by about twenty years.  Perhaps it was just a misprint and 1866 was intended.



According to the 1910 census excerpt above John and Sarah had three children born to them but only two were still living in 1910.  A look back at the 1880 census indicates only two children were in their home at that time.  William G. Fetrow was 9 years old in 1880.  He was, therefore, born in about 1871.  Celia was 5 years old in the 1880 census excerpt below which makes her birth year be about 1875.  No other children are listed so the third child born to this couple may have died in infancy.



According to genealogies I have seen on the internet at Ancestry.com John Fetrow III and his wife Sarah (Prowell) Fetrow are both buried in the Salem Cemetery in Fairview Township in York County.  Presumably from information taken from their tombstones it is asserted that John died in 1917 and Sarah was born on August 19, 1846 and died on November 7, 1925. 


John Fetrow III (born in 1843) was about 45 years old when he inherited the former Broband\Yinger family farm of about 140 acres in the late 1880’s when his parents John Fetrow Jr. and Lydia (Brubaker) Fetrow died.  He and his wife Sarah (Prowell) Fetrow held the family farm until John’s death in 1917.  Upon the death of John Fetrow III he bequeathed this farm to his only son William G. Fetrow.  This fact is well documented in a deed of transfer dated August 10, 1917 from William G. Fetrow and his wife Alda (Wood) Fetrow to Andrew Hykes, the purchaser.  An excerpted paragraph from that document is as follows:


“it being one of the tracts of land possessed by John Fetrow late of Fairview Township York Co. Pa. who by will dated Jan. 5, 1917 and probated Jan 25,1917 devised his real estate to his son William G. Fetrow & his daughter Cecelia G Fisher and personal property to his widow Sarah Fetrow in lien of a dower and the said Sarah Fetrow filed her acceptance of the conditions of the will  in the recorders office at York Pa. June --1917 and the said Cecelia F. Fisher and Wm B. Fisher her husband by deed of release dated June --1917 remised, released and forever quit-claimed unto the afore said William G. Fetrow the present (grantor).”



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