John Fetrow Jr. and Lydia (Brubaker) Fetrow’s Ownership

John Fetrow Jr. was born on March 26, 1808 and died on July 25, 1888 at the age of “80 years, 3 months & 29 days” according to his tombstone in the Fetrow family cemetery which is adjacent to the family farm near Yocumtown, York County, Pennsylvania.  He was the only child of his parents John Fetrow Sr. and Nancy (Yinger) Fetrow. 


He married Lydia Brubaker who was born on March 24, 1815 and died on January 20, 1889 “aged 73 years, 9 months and 26 days” according to her tombstone in the Fetrow family cemetery.  They had a large family according to census records.  The 1850 and 1860 census records presented in a previous section of this family farm discussion indicates their children and their approximate birth years were as follows;  Samuel 1832, Nancy 1833, Jacob 1835, Amburg 1837, Elizabeth 1839, John 1843, Henry 1846 and William 1854.


At the death of his parents, John Fetrow Sr. in 1860 and Nancy (Yinger) Fetrow in 1875, John Fetrow Jr. inherited their real estate including the 140 acre former Broband\Yinger family farm.  In 1876 an Atlas of York County was published which is available today in reprint from the York County Heritage Trust.  Separate pages are included for each township in the county.  Property owners are indicated on the maps.


Following is an excerpt of the Newberry Township page of the 1876 atlas.  I have indicated in green the boundaries and their approximate location of the Samuel Hall original land warrant from 1737 which was later patented and subdivided among Anthony Yinger, John Fetrow Sr. and John Shuman. 




Notice that within the areas representing the left half of the Samuel Hall 1737 warrant J. Fetrow and Jno. Fetrow are indicating as owning several home sites.  This probably indicates that in 1876 when this map was prepared, John Fetrow Jr. born in 1808 and John Fetrow III born in 1843 both lived on the properties formerly owned by George Yinger and then his brother Anthony Yinger and George’s son-in-law John Fetrow Sr.


Of the two structures attributed to Jno. Fetrow on the map excerpt above, the northern one seems the most likely location of the home that Anthony Yinger and his wife Magdelena (Broband) Yinger raised their large family on from 1790 until 1830. In about that year their 43-45 acre portion of the family farm was purchased from Anthony’s estate by their son John Yinger and his wife Rebecca as previously discussed in this family farm section of the web site.


I have explored this portion of the property in person several times on visits I have made to the area and can report that I have not been able to notice any physical remnants of a home or other structures.  My examinations have been very superficial and they have always been in the summer time when vegetation covers the ground.  In his will which is presented in another section of this web site, Anthony mentioned two homes and a barn:


I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Magdelena during her natural life or so long as she remains my widow the sole use of my dwelling house and the small house to the South. Thereof the garden and the lot of ground being between the garden and barn and stable room for cow…"


However, no trace seems to exist of those structures today.


Of additional interest on the map is J. Fetrow is also indicated as owning a home on the right half of the Samuel Hall 1737 warrant which was patented to John Shuman in the early 1800’s.  Another J. Fetrow is also indicated as owning a home site on the property immediately south of the former Samuel Hall 1737 warrant property.  Based on the discussion previously presented from the Prowell “History of York County, Pennsylvania” it seems likely that these are properties owned by Jacob Fetrow (born in 1835) who was another son of John Fetrow Jr. and Lydia (Brubaker) Fetrow.    


An additional piece of documentation substantiating the fact that John Fetrow Jr. and his son John Fetrow III lived near each other on the family farm inherited from John Fetrow Sr. and his wife Nancy (Yinger) Fetrow is from the 1880 census appearance.  An excerpt of the page of the 1880 census of Fairview Township of York County is presented below:



Note the consistent appearance of the names of Peter Hoffstadt, John Fetrow Jr. and John Fetrow III on the 1880 census compared to the 1876 map presented above.  Of curiosity is the fact that the older John Fetrow, age 68 is referred to as Jr. although his son is indicated as Sr. even though he is clearly the son at age 36.  The use of John Fetrow III (the third) is not indicated though that is in fact the relationship among the three generations of “John Fetrows” occupying the family farm.  I have taken the liberty to label the youngest of the trio as the third when in fact the written documents label him differently.


Note also that a nephew by the name of John A. Fetrow also appears on the census in the household of John Fetrow Jr. and his wife Lydia (Brubaker) Fetrow along with presumably a niece named Lillie Brubaker.  The name of “John Fetrow” was very prevalent in this area of York county Pennsylvania through various branches of the Fetrow family.


John Fetrow Jr. died in 1888 and his wife Lydia (Brubaker) Fetrow died a year later in 1889 as previously mentioned.  Their common tombstone is located in the Fetrow family cemetery which is adjacent to the family farm site.  Pictures of their grave marker are presented in another section of this web site covering the Fetrow cemetery. 


After the deaths of John Fetrow Jr. and his wife Lydia, the approximate 140 acre family farm passed to their son John Fetrow III and his wife Sarah (Sallie) (Prowell) Fetrow.



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