Magdalena Yinger 1846 Estate File Narrative

Introduction and Summary


The transcripts for the estate documents of Magdalena Yinger were prepared from the original documents which are in the York county archives in York, Pennsylvania.


Magdalena Broband was the third born daughter and child of Jacob and Anna Broband.  She was a younger sister of Sophronia (Freney) Broband who married Anthony Yinger’s older brother George Yinger.  Magdalena married Anthony Yinger in the early 1780’s.  Their first child, Jacob, was born on August 26, 1783 when Magdalena was 18½ years old. 


According to Magdalena’s tombstone in the Bear family cemetery in Yocumtown, Pennsylvania, she was born on March 15, 1765 and she died on October 7, 1846.  Therefore she was 81 years old when she died.  Magdalena’s husband Anthony Yinger died at age 70 in 1829.  Therefore, she lived for 17 years after the death of Anthony as his widow. 


Transcripts prepared from the original estate documents are included on this web site and can be viewed by following the links at the bottom of this introduction and summary.  The documents which comprise Magdalena Yinger’s estate file with my comments about certain important items to note are as follows:


The Inventory and Appraisement of Magdalena Yinger’s estate

The inventory for Magdalena Yinger’s estate is dated November 7, 1846.  As previously mentioned above, her tombstone indicates she died on October 7, 1846.  A review of her estate inventory indicates that she had no significant livestock or crops in her inventory.  When her husband Anthony died in 1829, his estate inventory included horses, cattle and swine.  His crops included hay, wheat, rye, oats, spelt, flax and corn.


In Magdalena’s inventory a single cow is mentioned and a lot of dried apples and hops and a lot of potatoes are listed.  Clearly, she was not involved in large scale agriculture.  Anthony had made ample provisions for her in his will to insure she would be provided for without the need for her to pursue active farming as they had done together before his death in 1829.  Refer to the section of this web site that covers Anthony’s estate information for the specific provisions he made for his widow, Magdalena.


Magdalena’s estate inventory contains a relatively long list of furnishings and personal possessions.  She and Anthony had achieved a comfortable standard of living for the times in which they lived.  Excluded from the inventory were the two homes and the land on which they sat that Anthony willed to Magdalena in 1829.  Estate inventories often did not address real estate.  The focus of estate inventories seems to have been on personal property and debts owed to the decedent.  The total of the inventory as appraised by John Peters and Michael Kister was $115.31¼.


The Vendue list of Magdalena Yinger’s estate

The vendue list for Magdalena Yinger’s estate is dated November 7, 1846 the same date as the previously discussed inventory.  Peter Hoffstadt served as the administrator for the vendue (estate auction).  The list of those who bought items from Magdalena’s estate is comprised of names of many family members and nearby neighbors.  Family members noted with their relationship to Magdalena Yinger are as follows:


John Fetrow Jr. was the son of John Fetrow and Nancy (Ann) Yinger Fetrow.  Nancy Yinger Fetrow was the only child of George Yinger and his wife Sophronia (Freney) Broband Yinger, sister of Magdalena.

Jacob Yinger was a grandson of Magdalena and Anthony Yinger.  He was the oldest child born to their son George Yinger and his wife Margaret.

John Fetrow was the husband of Nancy Yinger Fetrow the only child of Anthony’s brother George Yinger and his wife Sophronia (Freney) Broband Yinger, sister of Magdalena.

Sarah Yinger was an unmarried daughter of Anthony and Magdalena Broband Yinger.  She was the youngest child born to them and also went by the name of Sallie.

David Fetrow was the husband of Mary Yinger Fetrow who was a daughter of Anthony and Magdalena Broband Yinger.  Therefore, he was their son in law.  He was also a brother of John Fetrow Sr.

Margaret Yinger was a daughter in law of Anthony and Magdalena Yinger.  She was married to their son George Yinger who died in 1840. 

Henry G. Kister was the husband of Catherine Yinger Kister who was a daughter of Anthony and Magdalena Yinger.  Therefore, he was their son in law.

Nancy Yinger was an unmarried daughter of Anthony and Magdalena Broband Yinger.  She and her unmarried younger sister Sarah (Sallie) Yinger lived together throughout their lives according to census records.  They died within months of each other in 1880 and are buried beside one another in the Yocumtown Church of God cemetery in York County, Pennsylvania. 


Other names on the vendue list worthy of note were Samuel and David Fisher.  They were sons of Gottlieb Fischer and his wife Ursula Hoffstadt Fischer.  Gottlieb and later his son David owned the farm adjacent to the northern border of the Broband\Yinger\Fetrow 140 acre plantation.  Gottlieb immigrated to America in about 1740 from the Rhineland in Germany.


Peter Hoffstadt certified the details of the vendue listing and the total amount of the auction proceeds to be $120.70¾.  He was a relative of Ursula Hoffstadt Fischer.  The Hoffstadt farm was a nearby property to the Yinger, Fetrow and Fisher farms.  Ursula’s father was also named Peter Hoffstadt and he was an immigrant from the Rhineland.


Administration Account of Magdalena Yinger’s Estate

Peter Hoffstadt, as administrator, filed a single accounting for the estate of Magdalena Yinger dated April 5, 1847.  Additional assets beyond those included in the inventory are listed.  Included in those is a payment from John Yinger to the estate in the amount of $125.57 for “arrearages of dower.” 


In 1829 when Anthony Yinger died his son John purchased the farm from his father’s estate agreeing to pay a lifetime annuity to Anthony’s widow, Magdalena, amounting to interest annually on 1\3rd of the purchase price.  The total purchase price was $1,605 and 1\3rd of that would be $535.  It seems from the accounting that Anthony and Magdalena’s son John was behind on the annual annuity payments based on this item in the administration accounting for Magdalena’s estate.


No mention is made in the administration accounting regarding any real estate sale of Magdalena.  Her husband, Anthony, left to her in his will, from 1829 when he died, two houses and the property they were located on.  The remainder of the 46 acre farm was sold as previously noted to their son John Yinger.  What became of the home sites and property they occupied after Magdalena’s death can not be determined from the estate documents of Magdalena Yinger.


After payments were made to various people by the estate, Peter Hoffstadt was left with $179.65¾ to distribute to Magdalena’s heirs.  Her surviving children at that time included one son, John Yinger, and four daughters, Mary the wife of David Fetrow, Nancy Yinger, Catherine, the wife of Henry G. Kister, and Sally (aka Sarah) Yinger.


Four children that Magdalena had borne to Anthony had predeceased her.  Their first born son Jacob, who was born in 1783, died in 1813 at the age of 29 years.  Their first born daughter Elizabeth, who was born in 1785, died in 1814 at the age of 28 years.  Another son Martin, who was born in 1793, died in 1816 at 22 years of age.  Finally, George who was born in about 1787 died in 1840 at about 53 years of age. 


Magdalena faced and overcame many challenges throughout her life as a helpmate for her husband, Anthony, and mother to their nine children.  No doubt, she was a much loved wife and mother.  She is buried in the Bear family cemetery in Yocumtown, Pennsylvania next to her husband Anthony and three of their children who predeceased them.  A separate section of this web site is devoted to those grave sites including photographs of the stones which are still in legible condition.   


Inventory, November 1846 Magdalena Yinger Estate


Vendue List, November 1846 Magdalena Yinger Estate


Accounting, April 1847 Magdalena Yinger Estate




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