Ralph Leicht Ownership of the former Broband\Yinger\Fetrow Family Farm


Ralph Leicht and his wife Dorothy Romaine Leicht acquired the former Broband\Yinger\Fetrow family farm from William D. Bamberger and his wife Carrie Bamberger on May 6, 1943.  The size of the property was specified in the deed as 136 acres and 59 perches.


On May 22, 1951 Ralph Leicht and Dorothy Romaine Leicht sold exactly this same property to Geary Huntsberger and his wife Rosemary Huntsberger after holding the property for about 8 years.  The deed is recorded in Book 36-G pages 53-54.  A transcript of the deed is included on a separate page of this “family farm” section of the web site.  Ralph Leicht to Geary Huntsberger, 1951 Land Deed.  The size of the property was specified in the deed as 136 acres and 59 perches.   


The metes and bounds description in this deed is exactly the same as in the deed transferring the property from the Bambergers to the Leichts in 1943.  Furthermore, the 1951 deed states that the property being transferred is “the same real estate which William D. Bamberger and wife by their deed dated May 6, 1943… conveyed to Ralph Leicht and Dorothy Romaine Leicht, his wife, grantors herein.” 


This illustrates that no modifications, subdivisions or other alterations to the land were made during the eight year period of ownership by Ralph Leicht and his wife, Dorothy Romaine between 1943 and 1951.  Here is the plotted property depiction based on the deed transferring ownership from Ralph Leicht to Geary Huntsberger on May 22, 1951:








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