Two Brothers          
Ship Passenger List          
Philadelphia September 15, 1748        
[List 120 A]  List of Men Passengers on board the Ship      
Two Brothers, Thomas Arnot, Master, from Rotterdam.        
[Qualified September 15, 1748.]        
  List of Palatines imported in the Ship Two Brothers, Capn      
Arnot.  Qualified 15th 7ber 1748.        
[List 120 B] [Foreigners imported in the Ship Two Brothers,      
Capt. Arnot.  Qualified September 15, 1748]        
  List of Palatines imported in the Ship Two Brothers, Capn      
Thos Arnot.  Qual. 15th September 1748.        
[List 120 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, 15th Septr 1748.      
     Present: William Atwood, Esquire, Mayor, William Allen,      
                    Esquire, Recorder, Robert Strettell, Benjm Shoemacker, Esqr,      
                    Septimus Robinson, Esqr.        
     The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Two Brothers,    
     Thomas Arnot, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Portsmouth, did this day       
     take the usual Oaths to the Gorernment.        
Captain's Oath of Allegiance Oath of Abjuration Origin    
List A List B List C Village Source Page #
Casper Apfel Johann Casper Apffel Johann Casper Apfel      
Daniel Kreutz Johann Daniel Creutz Johann Daniel Creutz Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz Bur1985 78 & 79
Burkhard Braun Burckhard Braun Johann Burckhard Braun      
Peter Bier Peter Bier Peter Bier Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz Bur1985 49
Peter Bier, Junr Peter Bier Peter Bier Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz Bur1985 49
Johannes Hearman Johannes Herrmann Johannas Herrmann      
Peter Denick Johann Peter Denig Johann Peder Denig      
Simon Basserman Siegmund Bassermann Siegmund Bassermann      
Johannes Knight Johannes Knecht Johannes Knecht      
Fredrich Hyde J. Friedrich Hötz J. Friedrich Hötz Thallichtenburg, R-Pfalz Bur1985 175 & 176
Carl Hyde Görg Carl Hötz Görg Carl Hötz Thallichtenburg, R-Pfalz Bur1985 175 & 176
Casper Kiefer Casper Fünfer Casper Kieffer Breitenbach, R-Pfalz Bur1985 198
Abraham Kiefer Abraham (O) Kieffer Abraham (O) Kieffer Breitenbach, R-Pfalz Bur1985 197
Abraham Kiefer, Junr Abraham Küfer Abraham Küfer Breitenbach, R-Pfalz Bur1985 197
Casper Ingle Johan Kasper Engel Johan Kasper Engel      
Johan Sherer Jacob Scherer Jacob Scherer Weyer, Alsace Bur1992 431
Philip Stevan Johann Philip Steffan Johann Philip Steffan      
Johannes Ebert Jonas Eberth Johan Eberth      
Christoffel Hick Christoffel Heck Christoffel Heck      
Nicholas Clemence Nicklos Clementz Nickelaus Clementz Konken, R-Pfalz Yod1980 300
Johan Conrad Fieman Johann Conradt Viehman Johann Conradt Viehman      
Conrad Rauch Johan Conradt Rauch Johan Conradt Rauch      
Johannes Werner Johannes Wörner Johannes Wörner      
Johan Jost Ebert Johann Just Eberth Johan Just Eberth      
Baltzer Schriver Johann Balter Schäffer Johann Balter Schäfer      
Johannes Laubach Johannes Laubach Johannes Laubach      
Johannes Sumerlauter Jonas Somelade Jones Somerlade      
Johan Peter Engle Johann Peter Engel Johann Peter Engel Becherbach, R-Pfalz Yod1980 304
Matthias Ott Johan Matteus Otto Johan Matteus Otto      
Johan Casper Kremer Johann Caspar Kraümer Johann Caspar Krämmer      
Henrich Kremer          
Johannes Neu Johannes Neun Johannes Neun      
Johannes Holsecker Johannes (X) Huntzeker Johann (X) Huntzeker Schalbach, Alsace Bur1992 272 & 273
Hans Jacob Kendell Jacob (O) Kendel Jacob Kendel Schalbach, Alsace Bur1992 285
Johan Jacob Hock Jacob Höck Jacob Höck      
Fritz Weber Johann Friederich Weber Johann Friederich Reber      
Michael Gunter Michael (+) Gunter Michael (X) Günter      
Conrad Gunter          
Paul Junger Johan Paul (X) Junger Johan Paul (+) Junger      
Hans Eckkart Johannes Heckart Johannes Heckart      
Philip Steyn Philippus Stein Philippus Stein      
Michael Raffsnyder Michael (+) Reiffsneider Michael (X)  Reiffsnyder      
Hans Kellor Johannes Keller Johannes Koller Hallau, Switzerland Yod1980 333
Conrad Kehlor Conrad Köhler Conrad Köhler      
Hans Slegell Johannes Schlegel Johannes Schlegel      
Ulrich Wirth Ulrich Wirt Ulrich Wirt Lixheim, Alsace Bur1992 544 - 546
Ewald Gunter Ewalt Gantter Ewalt Gantter      
Johan Jurg Messersmith Johan Gorg Messerschmid Johan Jörg Messerschmid      
Johannes Agtung Johannes Achtung Johannes Achtung      
Johannes Waltz Johannes (X) Waltz Johannes (X) Waltz      
Peter Anthony Johans Beter Andoni Johannes Bet. Andoni      
Nicholas Kind Johan Nicklas Kindt Johann Nicklas Kindt      
Johannes Kesnar Johannes Gessner Johannes Gessner      
Matthias Dieder Maddeis Dithart Maddeis Dithart      
Johannes Tey Johannes Deys Johannes Deys      
Joost Durrer Johann Jöst Dorr Johann Jost Dörr      
Egidius Meffert Egidius Meffert Egidius Meffert      
Peter Meffert Johann Peter Meffert Johann Peter Meffert      
Johannes Holtz Johannes Kloos Johannes Kloos      
Jacob Gerrardin Jacob Girardin Jacob Girardin Rauwiller, Alsace Bur1992 205 & 206
Peter Geradin          
Johannes Slegell Johannes Schlegel Johannes Schlegel      
Johannes Slegell, Junr          
Peter Ernst Peter Ernst Peter Ernst      
Conrad Kellor          
Conrad Kellor, Junr Conrad Keller, Junr Conrad Keller, Junior      
Jacob Reichart Jacob (X) Reiger Jacob Reigher      
Johan Jurg Vaas Johann Jorg Fass Johann Jerg Fass      
Michael Hasler Michael Hasler Michael Hasler      
Daniel Snyder Johann Daniel Schneider Johann Daniel Schneider Diedendorf, Alsace Bur1992 445
Henrich Frantz Henrich Frantz Hennrich Frantz Diedendorf, Alsace Bur1992 167
Eitel Engell Lydel Engel Lydel Engel      
Wilhelmus Engell Johann Wilhelm Engel Johann Wilhelm Engel      
Johan Engell Johann Henrich Engel Johan Henrich Engel      
Johannes Wyandt Johannes Weiand Johannes Weiand      
Peter Taubert Peter (+) Doubter Peder (+) Dauber      
Jacob Nyce Jacob Nies Jacob Nies      
Dominicus Presser Mangnus Presser Magnus Presser      
Johannes Müller Johannes Müller Johannes Müller      
Ludwig David Ruppell Ludwig Davidt Rüpfel Ludwig David Rüpfel      
Daniel Kobir Daniel Kober Daniel Kober      
Nichols Koontz Niclaus Kuntz Nicolaus Kuntz      
Peter Velte Peter (X) Fehter Peter (X) Felte Kleinich, R-Pfalz Boy1980 112 & 155
Michael Bartjes Michel Berges Michel Berges Kleinich, R-Pfalz Boy1980 112 & 155
Johannes Newhouse Johannes (X) Nighouse Johannes Neuhas      
Carl Marth Carl Mahrt Carl Mahrt Wofersweiler, Saarland Bur1985 232
Philip Grim Philip Grimm Philip Grimm      
Jacob Bretzius Jacob (X) Breitius Jacob (X) Britzius      
Wilhelmus Müller Johan Wilhelm Miller Johan Wilhelm Müller Konken, R-Pfalz Bur1985 244
Johannes Stöhr Johannes Stehr Johannes Stohr      
Jacob Schefer Philipps Jacob Schäffer Philipps Jacob Schäfer      
Philip Swaab Johan Philippus Schwab Johan Philipus Schwob      
Henrich Spicker Johann Henrich Spücker Johann Henrich Spüker      
Johan Michal Brucker Johan Michel Brucker Johann Michael Brucker      
Jeremias Runkell Jeremias Runckel Jermias Runckel      
Joost Runkell Johan Jost Runckel Johann Jost Runckel      
Peter Leonard Johann Petter Lenhhart Johann Petter Lenhart      
Mathias Hutwohl Matthäis Hütwohl Matthäis Hütwohl      
Hans Adam Stöher Hans Adam Ströher Hans Adam Ströher      
Mattys Ströher Johann Mattes Ströher Johann Mattes Ströher      
Daniel Angst Daniel Angst Daniel Angst      
Michal Christman Michel Christman Michel (X) Christman Weltersbach, R-Pfalz Bur1985 75
Mathias Stroher Johannes Mathes Ströhr Johannes Mathes Ströher      
Johan Fülleps          
Johan Jurg Kellor Johan Jurg (X) Keller Johann Jürg (X) Kauller      
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