The Updegraff Family Tree:

One of Johann Paul Jünger\Yinger’s great great grandsons, George K. Yinger (1841-1916), married Hannah Updegraff (1839-1886).  Hannah was a descendant of Abraham Isaacks Op den Graeff one of the Op den Graeff brothers who accompanied Daniel Pastorius on the voyage from Europe to Philadelphia on the ship “Concord”.  In fact three Op den Graeff brothers headed three of the 13 families which founded Germantown.  They were Hermen Isaacks Op den Graeff, Dirck Isaacks Op den Graeff and Abraham Isaacks Op den Graeff.

A number of published works further assert that the Op den Graeff’s were cousins to the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn through Penn’s mother who was the daughter of Jan Jansen of Rotterdam.  Those Yinger’s who descend from George Yinger and Hannah Updegraff can trace their lineage to the 1683 Germantown, Philadelphia origin of Pennsylvania Germans.  George and Hannah were my great great grandparents.

Owing to the historical significance of Daniel Pastorius’s founding of Germantown, considerable written works have been published on the 13 families who accompanied him in 1683.  The Op den Graeff’s are prominently featured in those publications.  As a result, their genealogies are well documented. 

Of curiosity is the fact that of the three brothers, Hermen, Dirck and Abraham, only Abraham produced offspring that historians are certain of.  Hermen and Dirck are generally believed by researchers to have been childless although they both were married. 

The family tree information for the Updegraff family has been compiled with reference to both published and non-published sources.  The family tree for the Updegraff family of Newberry Township which illustrates the connection to the Yinger family of York County, Pennsylvania can be viewed by following the link below to another page in this section of the web site:

Updegraff Family Tree



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